Thursday, April 26, 2012

Samsung C3312 Phone Lock

1. Open Samsung Hwk
2. Select model S3310i
3. Power on C3312
4. Select mobile info in HWK
5. Connect by hwk cable (not usb cable)
6. read and ok


Here is my log

Software: C3312DDKL5/C3312ODDKL5
Warning, Wrong Product Selected [S3310i]
Regions : India
Language: en(bn,gu,hi,kn,mr,ms,pa,ta,te)                        
Release : 2011 December Rev: 5
IMEI: 359351-xx-xxxxxx-xx
S/N : RV1C14A36R
BTID: 6C8336-871B87
ULCK: 909671
Level Of Lock: 00h
Use Patch MSL, if Want to Read Codes or do IMEI Operations
Or Untick [AT Info Mode] to Read Codes

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